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Author Topic: Forum News & Changes- Revised 8/29/08  (Read 10659 times)
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« on: July 06, 2007, 08:17:21 AM »

Business cards have arrived.  The intention of them is that you'd see other Cobalt owners, enthusiasts and others, ...consider yourself an ambassador of our forum and give them out to encourage participation.

They're not particularly fancy but have the important information on them.  Now that they're here, I'm actually impressed with the weight and print quality.

I'm starting with 500 just to see what sort of interest there is.  If you'd like 15-20 cards, PM me with your address.  I'll send them out in a regular envelope, US Mail (or airmail for Lars!)

If you're feeling particularly thoughtful, sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to me first, would be ideal, but not required

Thanks again everyone!!!

The Cobaltboatsforum Team
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« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2007, 05:56:26 AM »

7/9/07 - This forum will be changed to be open to guests and members until it grows enough to limit viewing of various threads or if such a need arises otherwise.

1/14/08 - The forum made the following changes:
Disabled:  Option to ignore site announcements
Disabled: Allow guests to browse the forum
Number of personal messages a user may send in an hour: 3
Send welcome email to new members - disabled

2/9/08 - The forum made the following changes:
The "change sheet" post was renamed and the introductory thread content was moved to forum guidelines.
Minor clarifications and wording changes were made to the forum guidelines
Attachments older than 90 days were removed and (just) the avatars for members with no activity for 120 days was removed.

I've increased the site storage space to 300GB and have increased limitations on file size and number of images per post.  Enjoy!!!

In addition to requiring membership approval to prevent web bots from registering and posting spam, we've re-enabled guests to view certain areas of the site.

A new section of the forum was created for representatives from Cobalt to provide us with information determined to be of interest to us.  Access to posing in this section is limited to Cobalt representatives, however anyone can view the information there, even non-members.

The registration process has been revised to eliminate browser bots from creating fictional membership requests.
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