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Title: Site guidelines and posting rules - "the details"
Post by: Rehder on July 06, 2007, 10:47:08 AM
Hello everyone and welcome to the forum.  

Our vision:
A message board provided for individuals who are Cobalt Boat owners (or future ones) to have a place to be together and share knowledge with each other, free of charge.

Our mission:
Develop and encourage information to be available on this board, intended to be helpful or insightful to all of us.  

This Forum is for Cobalt boat owners, future Cobalt boat owners and boating enthusiasts.  I looked throughout the web for a forum like this and could not find one dedicated to Cobalt boats so I decided to start this one.  Of course, if you are a non-Cobalt owner or a future one and have something to contribute, please do.  

This forum is in no way affiliated with the manufacturer of Cobalt Boats (however, they are welcome to come in, look around and participate ...also being subject to posting & forum guidelines).  Please enjoy!

So that we can keep things going smoothly and uninterrupted, we have a set of guidelines and rules that you are asked to comply with.

The Cobalt Boats Forum rules and disclaimer (Please adhere to the following)

The Cobalt Boats Forum (also referred to as "the forum" and "message base") is a free forum open to any Cobalt boat owner or person with interest in boating and boating related topics.  Conditionally, the forum message base is a FREE message base open to anyone that registers and provides a user name and valid e-mail address through the registration process.
This message base is a public message base, all information listed within are open to the public and can be view by anyone with access to the Internet.
All messages posted are the property and responsibility of the user creating the message.

While we do attempt to sensor our message base, we do not promise to read every message and are not responsible for any message or image subject matter.
This message base has no connection with Cobalt Boats.

We reserve the right to remove any message for any reason.

These forums are for members-to-members only and are family-oriented. Commercial enterprises and/or their representatives are not allowed to post in these forums unless in designated vendor areas or by obtaining advance permission from the forum Administrator.

If you are a dealer, vendor or advertiser and want to participate with others on the Forum, you will need to register and may be subject to additional restrictions concerning your business intent.  Registration is "free" and only takes about 2 minutes.  

To insure a prompt and quality response to your question or comment, post it to the proper forum.

Consider the following guidelines before posting:
1. As indicated above, we reserve the right to remove any post at any time for any reason.
2. Do not post the same message in multiple forums.
3. The use of threats/profanity is not tolerated. An "integrated watchdog" will be utilized for objectionable language.
4. "Flaming" of other participants is strictly forbidden.  Professional conduct is a primary requirement for participation on the forums.
5. No dealer or vendor bashing is permitted.  Positive feedback always welcome.  If you have dealer or vendor issues, contact Cobalt, the vendor or organizations that specifically advocate for consumers.
6. Spamming, in any form, is forbidden.  Do not do it.
7. You may not use the forums to advertise and/or promote commercial endeavors unless permission is given to post in designated vendor areas. This includes, but is not limited to, content in posts, member name, URLS in your profile or signature, as well as active links to other sites on the Internet with the intent of advertising for that site or products on that site.
8. Providing URLs or active links to commercial sites for the purpose of expanding on comments or providing additional information as part of regular forum interactions is approved.
9. Posts concerning local or state consumer action boards and situations where legal counsel is/have been involved are not allowed. This includes posts related to future, ongoing or past lawsuits.  
10. We will not be responsible for protecting your identity should you be investigated for your conduct on this forum.
11. Political and religious posts, pictures, links, signatures etc. are not allowed in these forums and may be removed without notice or discussion.
12. We reserve the right to refuse and/or revoke membership to anyone without notice.
13. The message base administrator retains the right to approve or reject anyone from this message base at anytime with or without notice.
14. If a member name is banned, it will not be reinstated.

The above rules will be strictly enforced.  Any violations may cause loss of member privileges and notification to your Internet Service Provider.  Repeat violations certainly will cause loss of member privileges and complaints being lodged with your Internet Service Provider.

Welcome aboard and thanks for your compliance with the rules.  They are in place to keep the forum on track, protect the administrator and the forum members.  We look forward to the growth of the forum and maintaining it for you as a trusted resource.

If you got this far down the list above, you must be interested in joining or already are a member.  If interested, please contact the administrator at rehderb@

Thanks again.  Visit often! Post often!

The Cobaltboatsforum Moderating Team